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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Still Life - in the style of...

Here is the list of artists we talked about for our next project. Remember you need to set up a normal still life at home, take a photo, print the photo to draw and paint from in class. Alternatively find a photo in a book or online of a still life and print that for class. Secondly, find a still life or a painting by one of the listed artists, print that out and bring in to class to use for your still life "in the style of" source:

Giorgio Morandi
Walter Sickert
Euan Uglow
Claude Monet
Howard Hodgkin
Giorgio de Chirico
Spencer Gore
Paul Cezanne
Pablo Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh
Willem de Kooning
Max Ernst
Odilon Redon
George Seurat
Camille Pissaro
Piet Mondrian

To find images, type into Google the "[artists name] still life" then click on the word "images" in the black bar at top of page. Remember, you won't be copying a painting you will be choosing a style from a painting, or the colours and using them in your original still life.

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