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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Final Major Project of Term

Today we started on our final and major project "learner choice" and will continue with this for three weeks. Below are the early stages showing a typically broad range of choices and approaches. We said farewell to Ken as he sets off on his mid years' travels. See you in September Ken!

Christine - large composite urban piece

Len - study for a larger landscape piece

Moira - composite landscape scene

Anne - mixed media landscape

Janice - equine study

Ken - exercise in blue and orange

Bob - Mauretania comes home, large piece

Peter - large piece, local urban scene

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fabulous new BBC Online Art Resource

The new BBC online art resource "Your Paintings" is a treasure trove for all people interested in art and artists. This new project is something we should all add to our favourites when searching for information and inspiration during our classes. Click on the image below to go directly to the new site. Happy hunting but make sure you have plenty of tea and biscuits because it is very addictive and you may be on for quite a while!

Click on this image to go to the BBC site.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Still-LIfe in the style of..., pastoral urban landscapes, Chinese inspired rocks in water.

A good mixture of work done this week. Excellent results for everyone. Next week we start our big 3-week project of the term. Free choice of subject and approach. Some are considering mixed media, others are thinking about combining photographs on the surface with pastels, whilst others are considering bringing in one of their old oil or acrylic paintings to reinterpret by painting on top with pastels (oil or soft chalk).

Leonard (after Redon)

Janice (after Van Gogh)

Moira (after Mondrian)

George (after Gore)

Peter (after Redon)

Ken (after Chi' Yung)

Bob (after Redon)

Harry (initially after Uglow)

Anne (after Redon)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Still Life - there's life in this old dog yet

Following our research started last week, we brought in our chosen artist/style and a photograph of a still-life we had set-up at home. From these two references we started on our new project: "Still Life - In The Style Of..." (name of artist in brackets). There are already some stunning studies on show. Some of also brought in and worked on previous project work - landscape, industrial/urban, etc. Again, great results on show. The images are slightly randomly grouped to show of the qualities of details as paintings in their own right.

Bob - still-life detail (Redon)

Christine - still-life detail  (Redon)

Bob still-life (Redon)

Christine still-life (Redon)

Christine - landscape detail

Christine - landscape

George - still-life detail

Harry - still-life detail (Uglow)

George - still-life

Harry - still-life (Uglow)

Janice - still-life detail (Van Gogh)

Janice - detail landscape

Janice - landscape

Ken - landscape

Ken - detail landscape

Ken - landscape detail (Ch'y Yung)

Ken - landscape (Ch'y Yung)

Leonard - still-life/imaginary, detail (Redon)

Janice - still-life (Van Gogh)

Leonard - still-life/imaginary (Redon)

Leonard - detail urban/industrial

Moira - still-life detail (Mondrian)

Leonard - urban/industrial

Moira - still-life (Mondrian)

Peter - still-life detail (Redon)

Peter - still-life (Redon)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Industrial and or Urban Landscape

We developed our new project paintings this week. Most of us worked on the urban and/or industrial landscape theme. The rest of us worked on a range of other landscapes. Here are the very interesting results this far: