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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Project guide for term three

Try this project process general guide for term three. To access the guide either click on the image below or here: "A painting Project Guide".

 Project Guide Term 3

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Our visual plan for the new term starting 28th April. Click on the image to see a large version or to print it onto paper.

This term we take a new approach - as agreed at the end of last term, each of us will have one big idea and learn how to turn that idea into practice in a painting over the 10 weeks. There will technical demos to help everyone as well as lots of opportunities to get feedback, tips and suggestions.

On the 28th April you will need to bring your idea or ideas, source images and any other references you have gathered as well as your usual art resources and materials. Don't worry if some of you have not yet decided on your big idea - we can use the iPads and explore ideas together in class.

See you all on Thursday!