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Term 2: Colossal Progress!

International Women's Day: Annie Swynnerton, art pioneer

Human Form Project Resources Hands and Feet UPDATED

Two resources on HANDS here, firstly some images and secondly some pages from a book on drawing HANDS. After the HANDS resources below you will find the FEET resources.

We will start our human form project by looking at HANDS. Below are some images that show the varying properties of hands when seen from different angles. At certain angles the hand looks completely alien! We will learn some basic principles of drawing and proportion that will equip us to capture hand shapes - honestly :-) There are also some images showing different pastel styles.

Monochrome Pastel
Cold palette pastel
A sketchbook approach
Foreshortening and simple line construction 
Simple flat hand photos

Breaking down the hand into basic shapes
Simple proportions
Hands can create an "complete" picture
Foreshortening with two cupped hands - shows the big outer contour nicely as eel as the main lines in the hand.
Further Resources on HANDS:Here are some useful pages from a fabulous book "The Complete Drawing and Sketching Course" by Stan Smith, published by David and Charles ISBN0-7153-1540-4 The illustrations are (c) of the publisher.

We have looked at and tried ways to draw and paint the hand and these are more or less the same when tackling feet. There are some obvious differences in shape and proportion but how we measure and draw them is the same.

Some photos showing how the foot can be both strange to look at and how it can also be elegant and a picture in its own right.

Some paintings of feet:

Some drawings of feet:

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