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T3 July 2018 - Amazing work!

International Women's Day: Annie Swynnerton, art pioneer

Mixed Media/Textures Project Briefing

Mixed Media and Textures to create a Rooftop Scene (urban or rural). 

For this project we will each need to collect and bring a range of "objects" with varying textures. We will also need a roof top view/scene of some kind as our design source.

Roof top scene - source image
We will each need a main subject in which to use our mixed media and textured surfaces - a view over roof tops either looking across a town or looking out across a rural or coastal scene.  Multi-storey car parks are a great location for taking photographs - on the top floor. Or any high vantage point - there are lots of hills in and around Gateshead with rooftop views in all directions! Or search the internet for images. Paintings of roof top scenes are quite common and may also provide an image on which to base your main design.

Where to find our source materials
Good places to find such "weathered treasures" include: the beach, riverbanks, gardens, the garage or shed, the loft, flea markets, recycling places, or wherever you can.

Type of materials
Items can be, for example:  driftwood plank or branch; old wood, stone (smooth, rough surface types); slate; paper (patterned, dirty and damaged);  sandpaper/glasspaper; rusted and aged metal (old spade end, old tool, old cans, etc).

Size of material samples
Objects/pieces need not be large just big enough to be able see a range of weathering and ageing effects on the materials to add interest, colour and surface textures.

Alternatives - photos
Alternatively or in addition to real objects, photographic images of these types of objects would suffice (either from books or the internet or taking your own photos as you search around for the "goodies"), make sure the prints are reasonably good quality so print them A5 on colour print paper if you can so the colours and the details are bright and sharp.