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International Women's Day: Annie Swynnerton, art pioneer

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Other Cultures 1 - Yvonne

Yvonne's 'other cultures' painting 
at the first stage.

Other Cultures 1 - Pat

Pat's 'other cultures' painting at the first stage.

Other Cultures 1 - Mary

Mary's 'other cultures' painting at the first stage.

Other Cultures 1 - Janice

Janice's 'other cultures' painting 
at the first stage.

Other Cultures 1 - Dave

Top: Dave's 'other cultures' painting at the first 
stage. Middle: Dave's landscape finished with 
mauve sky. Bottom: Dave's dog.

Other Cultures 1 - Anne

Anne's 'other cultures' picture at the first stage.

Other Cultures 1 - Ann G

Ann's pastel painting of the High Level Bridge in 
a frame. below, Ann's other cultures project at 
the first stage.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dave's landscape 14 May 2010

Dave's landscape is maturing really nicely on the 
page. Still waiting to see the final touches to bring 
all the warm palette together in close harmony. Lovely.

Moira's unfinished cloud study 14 May 2010

Moira's cloud study is a continuation of a landscape 
theme that is really driving Moira's artistic imagination. 
More to follow for the green strip along 
the bottom edge contrasting the complementary purple cloud.

Anne's retro study 14 May 2010

Anne's drawing is a study for a retro 
style (1960s interior design) picture. 
Painting starts soon!

Ann's Castle painting 14 May 2010

Ann's new castle painting in pastels 
is like a collage. Amazing vibrant 
colour starting to appear.

Janice's cat pastel 14 May 2010

Janice's cat pastel is a great start, 
ready for building up layers and textures.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mary's landscape 29 April 2010

Mary's pastel landscape from a photograph. 
This picture is such a bold departure for 
Mary whose usual palette is very subtle 
and light with soft colours and gentle contrast. 
This one is really bold, dark and powerful. 
Great to see such adventure!

Frank's seascape 29 April 2010

Frank's seascape in pastel, unfinished. An atmospheric, 
cold, palette of pastels is providing a strong foundation 
for the finished painting. The lack of any straight, even 
lines adds to sense of natures uncontrollable power.

Two from Janice 29 April 2010

Two pastel paintings from Janice. 
First a finished study of a mans head which 
has a real painterly quality and warm tones. 
Second an unfinished study of sunflowers 
with close-up composition to add impact 
and interest. Look forward to seeing 
this one develop.

Anne's canal scene 29 April 2010

Anne's finished canal scene in pastel has 
a wonderful and rich palette. The textures 
and her slow detailed approach fit very 
well with the subject.

Dave's pastel portrait 29 April 2010

Dave's pastel interpretation of a striking 
Van Gogh self-portarit. Dave has really 
captured the unusually subtle colour 
and tone variations in this portrait.

Moira's Scottish moonlight scene 29 April 2010

Memories of Scotland in the moonlight recreated in pastel 
by Moira using a delicate, subdued palette to try to 
capture the atmosphere of those nights. The colours in 
the sky behind the clouds and the water work really well.  

Mary's Monet 29 April 2010

Mary's pastel interpretation of a famous Monet painting is 
proving a challenge but is turning into a really 
good new painting.

Helen's new landscape 29 April 2010

Helen's new landscape in pastel, after Hopper. 
Lovely movement. The mood in the picture is 
developing very nicely.

Two new paintings by Ann of local scenes 29 April 2010

Ann's pastel of sun shining through the trees 
onto the frozen lake in Saltwell Park, Gateshead. 
A very modern, interesting, abstract 
treatment of the subject.

Ann's unfinished pastel of the Angel of the 
North set in a new landscape to give interest 
and mystery with trees.

Val's portrait of her Mother 29 April 2010

Val's portrait of her Mother in pastels. 
A very good start to a complex task.