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Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome Back!

Left: the more traditional approach, popular since the 18th century and characterised by its' soft blended colours. Contrasted with the image on the right which shows the contemporary approach with its' broken, hard edged colour style - often felt to be more expressive than the traditional approach; going more for an emotional likeness than a physical reality likeness. We can try either style or a style somewhere between the two in our project. 

It's been a long summer without getting the pastels dirty but we are now all back and ready to create.  This term we will be trying four projects: portrait painting, black painting, depth of field painting, and, emotive, transformative landscape painting. Next week we start in earnest with our first project: portrait painting.

Always a daunting subject for any artists, at any level, this project is a great way to get back into the way of painting and being creative.  See the RESOURCES pages to the right of this text for a step by step guide in pictures to help us over the coming two weeks.