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International Women's Day: Annie Swynnerton, art pioneer

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More suppliers of art materials

I have added two online suppliers that are reliable (so far!). Go to the resource page opposite "Places to buy art materials" for their webpage links. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Hen has finally landed!

Well done to all who created their hen-parts - great fun and a very curious painting(s) as a result.

KLIMT picture for Lennard - good luck!

From the book "Gustav Klimt Landscapes" edited by Stephan Koja, published in 2012 by Prestel ISBN 978-3-7913-3717-3.

Various @212 June 2012

We are focused on our final project - using oil pastels. Shown below are the individual projects at very early stages. Also shown are various pastel paintings that have just been completed or are still in progress. 










Thursday, 14 June 2012

Oil Pastels - introductory project

We started to learn how oil pastels work today. This is in preparation for our final project of this term - a subject of our own choice done in oil pastels which we start next week. Here are samples from today's exploration of this very exciting medium:

Soft Pastels using Gestalt

A couple more paintings, now completed or near to completion, from our previous project:

The Hen has landed (well almost)!

The legs have now been attached, only waiting for its breast and the perhaps it will take off (next week)!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oil Pastels Project

There is a new resource guide to handling OIL PASTELS in the resources pages opposite (last one on the list). This is to support our work during our new project starting 14 June which is to explore this exciting medium. Here is an example: 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hens Legs

Anne is nearly ready with her hen's legs to add to our composite "mystery" project (see earlier posts).  This leaves Lennard's hen's breast to complete the project in the next couple of weeks.

Project Four (start)

Five of us started our new project today, whilst the others continued with their Hens Project. Mainly it's a twist on a technique we learned last term.  We are applying the pastel as a powder by scraping the pastels against a hard edge object such as a palette knife, kitchen knife, or credit card. There is no drawing done at all on the surface, the drawing is down using the pastel dust particles. Areas are masked-off initially with masking tape. Fixing is done several times during the process, "little and often". In the resources page there is a step by step photo guide "Project Four" to remind us of the demonstration done in class. Here are the first stages of the paintings.  

Mystery revealed

Our mystery project is nearly done. Just waiting for three pictures to be completed over the next week or so. Here is the composite picture so far, minus a few parts (legs and breast)!  Two details are shown, followed by the full image: