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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Details Project 26 May

From the paintings created by the class, we were then put in pairs to select a detail from each other's painting. Then we had to discuss this with our partner before the whole class then listened to our rationale. The first pictures show the critiques in progress which are followed by pictures of the details as chosen by each of us. In turn are details of paintings by Anne, Ann G, Bob, Frank, Harry, Janice, Jean, June B, June, Mary, Michael, Moira, Peter, Rose, and Val.

The full picture

This week we continued on our various projects, portrait, landscape and still-life. Here is a selection of some of the paintings showing the whole image. In the next posting there will be details from every painting. The whole images not shown here will be included in next week's blog posting.  In order, we see paintings by Bob, Frank, Janice, June, Moira, and Peter (last two paintings).

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Week 2: various projects

This week we started on a pastel portrait painting for some, whilst others continued their still-life projects, landscape projects or other paintings. Here we see a detail of each one that clearly exposes the initial beauty and the real achievements that are being made followed by the full image. All paintings are unfinished. In order of appearance: June B (a photo of the Hopper painting is in the resources page on the right), Harry, Bob, Peter, Ann G, Jean, June, Anne, Moira, Rose, Frank, and Jean (2).

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pastels 12 May 2011

Its the start of our new course in pastel painting (See Resources page on right for a summary of the new course and all dates). We welcomed four new faces to the group: June, Harry, Peter and Bob. Here is our first lesson's work, a mix of chiaroscuro* project (first stage) and exercises in the medium for the new members. As always a colourful and dynamic start. (*see ABC of terms in the resources page on the right for an explanation of the technique)