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T1 2018 - Amazing progress and achievement!

International Women's Day: Annie Swynnerton, art pioneer

Friday, 26 November 2010

Framed 18 November 2010

We found an old gold frame and wondered...

Shipley project 18 November 2010

For two weeks we are studying at the Shipley Art Gallery using works from their collection. Here we are in the gallery education workshop room. Below the two photos are the thumbnails we produced as the first stage in the project. They have an intimacy and simplicity that can be invaluable when moving through the picture making process.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Mary's CLOUD study

Mary has been working on her cloud study project with this stunning blue pastel painting.

Anns' Latest Landscape

Ann has been working from her own digital photographs to create this wonderful and very modern interpretation of her local area. 

11 November CHARCOAL with PASTEL

This week we are exploring a combination of media - charcoal and colour pastel. A charcoal-only tonal sketch forms the ground or background on top of which colours are blended. There were exciting and surprising colour effects and a rich density from the combination. Here are the works so far:







More DETAILS project paintings completed

Two wonderful and contrasting pastel paintings from Mary:

4 November Clouds and Skies

This week we are studying clouds and skies. Some of the paintings are further developed at home then brought back into class so we can share our critiques together. Here are the unfinished studies:
Val's study

Rose's study
Frank's study

Mary's study

Moira's three studies

Anne's study

Mary's study

Michael's study
Janice's study