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Sunday, 24 October 2010

This weeks pastel painting details

The details of this week's paintings as chosen by the learners - see previous posting below for explanation of the peer review exercise that led to the details being shown here. Top is a detail from Moira's painting chosen by Val; 2nd is Rose's painting, detail chosen by Frank; 3rd is Frank's painting, detail chosen by Rose; 4th is Val's painting, detail chosen by Moira; 5th is Janice's painting, detail chosen by Mary; and 6th is Mary's painting, detail chosen by Janice.

Peer to Peer Critique Exercises

We tried a new approach to our weekly "gallery" 
group critique sessions which are led by the tutor. This week 
we worked in pairs, each choosing and masking a detail of 
our partners picture and analysing their picture before feeding 
back to them in one to one critiques. At the end of the exercise  
we then shared our critiques to the whole group, with the tutor 
adding comments. The first three photos below show some 
of us in our pairs. The rest of the photos show some of us 
reporting our critiques to the whole group

The pairs exercise: 

Reporting back to our group:

Friday, 15 October 2010

Our next project you asked for is CLOUDS

Believe it or not there are whole communities out there brought together by a passion for clouds.  In the RESOURCES list "CLOUDS" on the right there are two links for you to look at -  if you were having trouble finding images for your project.  They are from a website for cloud-fans. Meanwhile here are a couple of images from my camera taken in Madrid and Whitley Bay, to whet your appetite:

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Janice's sfumato music pastel completed

Good to see such bold shapes, colours, and rhythm.

Janice's mist pastel first stage

The playfulness of technique at this early stage of the 
painting is wonderful. The trees seem to float, helped 
by the minimal definition and cool but colourful palette.

Michael's mist pastel first stage

Some stunning sfumato technique in this very colourful mist landscape.  
The finished painting will be very interesting with its beautiful soft palette.

Mary's finished sfumato pastel horse

The finished painting is great to look at, full of interest and contrast.

Mary's mist pastel first stage

In the details there are truly Monet-esque moments, see detail. 
The freedom of seeing through a mist seems to enable a 
relaxed approach that, even at this early stage, holds much 
promise for the finished picture.

Mary's finished sfumato landscape pastel

Some very effective sfumato technique, as shown in the trees detail, 
the whole picture has a good strong palette of green and blue.
Lovely complimentary colours in the trees (orange/green).

Val's completed sfumato landscape pastel

A gorgeous blend of complimentary blue/mauves with orange/reds. Great use of sfumato to keep the simple elegance of the landscape intact.

Val's mist pastel first stage

A great start to the picture. The subtle cool colours are contrasting 
nicely with the warmth of the reds on the ground. The key will be 
to keep it simple, hardly any detail.

Rose's mist pastel first stage

Really beautiful soft palette of colours in a mist. Tree 
will help establish the depth of space, and if the tree shape 
if kept simple with hardly any detail, 
the feeling of openness will be retained.

Rose's finished pastel sfumato landscape

Excellent use of sfumato technique. Palette is evocative of the 
place and season. Nice balance of textures and tones.

Mary's mist pastel first stage

Bold start, with good choice of colour ground (purple paper). 
Cold ground is making the warm pastels really work, 
even at this very early stage.

Frank's mist pastel first stage

Very well thought-through close colour tone work, 
a strong start. 

Anne's mist pastel first stage

Lovely loose pastel work giving an atmospheric underpainting.

Moira's pastel sfumato painting (finished)

Very clever use of sfumato to capture water flowing in a stream.

Moira's mist pastel first stage

Wonderful subtle complimentary blues, greens and oranges 
in this early stage.